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Hum di hum

I had an uneventful afternoon of just some running around but it was nice to be able to spend it with Marc and Jordan :).

Before we left I finished my left over soup from yesterday, paired with some Mary’s Gone Crackers and some bites of Marc’s terriyaki. I was stuffed which really surprised me! Must have been the rice.



We also had some fun items come in the mail today, too!
Stonyfield sent me my own tote bag and coupons, like the give away I did a few days back! I was actually surprised as I thought they were going to send the lucky reader the package. Thanks Stonyfield!!!


And Jordan also received a special package from a very special friend!




Thanks Soph! He loves it and it was so nice of you!

By the time we arrived back home I was STARVING!


Yogurt seems to be my go-to snack and meal at times. It’s simple yet very satisfying and I am IN LOVE with Greek yogurt! I had a container of vanilla Oikos, granola, almond butter and a half of my pear from yesterday.


And just for fun I thought I would throw in some random facts about moi:

  1. I hate clowns. They really disgust me and freak me out!
  2. I have weakness for sour, gummy candies!!!

More later, must put little Jordan to bed!

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