Eyes. Are. Heavy.

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.
I, however, am exhausted! I stayed up until 2 last night working on my iPod and just overall not sleepy and I woke up this morning and went straight to a spinning class. No coffee, either. Yikes!
But I loved the spinning class – this was my first one! It was an hour of leg burning, sweat dripping, heart pounding intensity. My legs are very sore right now, too. I have always wanted to attend one and I have heard nothing but great things about them. I am glad I did!
I woke up and toasted a piece of spouted bread with almond butter. I knew I needed some fuel for my class!
Afterwords I made myself a chilly, red green monster – it was so soothing! Almond milk, strawberries, a peach, half of an orange, a scoop of Amazing Meal (my last one! more is on the way :), blueberries and some water.

We made an amazing run to Costco grabbing some bananas, chicken, brussel sprouts, avocado, strawberries and melon. It wasn’t that crowded, either! Made a quick stop at Target to pick up some personal items and them home I went. I was starving and tired! I was comforted by a nice warm bowl of lentil soup. It hit the spot!

I feel like I need some coffee, though. All I have is decaf so I may take a run to go grab some while Marc is out. Maybe….

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