The Pike Place Market

Just ANOTHER reason why I love living in the Seattle area.

The Pike Place Market is filled with the salty aroma of the ocean and the abundant amount of fresh seafood, the vast array of every kind flower available, freshly picked local fruits and vegetables and the eclectic feel of Seattle’s locals wondering around. Nothing beats or even comes close to the experience of Pike Place Market.
Now being that I am a “local” I don’t frequent here as much as I would but it becomes extremely crowded, and with a stroller to push around I do get annoyed. So I try to visit on weekdays when it isn’t so populated. The main reason I go to the market: the flowers.

I buy 2-3 bouquets of gorgeous, fresh flowers for under 20$! I usually split them up into 4-5 different vases all over the house and I have beautiful flowers all week long.

We also go there for the fresh seafood.

It’s not shipped in, it hasn’t been sitting in a cooler for days, not flash frozen or fake – this is the real deal. Marc loves crab so we picked up two fully cooked crab and had them break it up for easy eating.

Now let’s talk about the vast array of wall to wall fruits and vegetables.

I actually wasn’t in the mood for veggies as I have a full fridge of them but I did end up picking a few baby bok choy and a handful of sugar snap peas.

But believe me there are many layers to the Market – many!
Did you know that the first ever Starbucks is here? The ORIGINAL Starbucks!

This the the original Starbucks Siren and the original store. I looks like a library in there – sliding wall ladders and very rustic. They even throw cups around like they do with the fish!

Of course all the walking around makes a person hungry so we stopped and picked out some baked goods at Piroshky Piroshky. Flaky, buttery crusts, rustic fillings from savory to sweet – whatever you are craving they have something for you!

I had a smoked mozzarella, mushrooms and broccoli and Marc had ham and cheese. YUM! It really hit the spot!

I really could go on and on all day about the Market. There are secret passage ways, overseen shops and hidden gems around every corner. If you ever have the chance to visit Seattle, visit the Pike Place Market – you will not be disappointed!

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