Happy 10 Months!

Baby J is in the double digits – bye bye single digits! While I am extremely excited, Marc and I are very sad that our little “baby” is now turning into a toddler.
I have a toddle – almost. Wait, did I just say that? YIKES!
We are busy planning our housewarming party on the 29th of August. Calling caterer’s, booking chairs and tables and getting the house prepared. We have done quite a few projects and we are just needing to finish the final touches.
And in the middle of this I am starting to plan out Baby J’s first Birthday Party. Jotting down themes, making a list of who is invited, looking at pastry shops and making a menu of food. I promised myself that his second birthday will not be as big but I feel a huge party celebrating his first is needed. 🙂
Other than that life has been great! We had a week of HOT weather but the past 2 weeks Seattle has been rainy and cooler. I am loving it! I know, I know… I am the minority but I feel much better when the weather is crappy out.
So let’s see… Jordan is almost walking! He is learning to stand on his own without support and is gaining so much balance. He certainly has mastered crawling and is very quick! I am on the hunt all of the time! His vocabulary is increasing as he is saying more and more vowel sounds and letters combined. He has yet to say mama 😦 – I know he will eventually but I want to hear it! EVERYTHING is DADA. lol

So onto some pictures! I was smart and took his 10 month photos on the actual date this time. No more procrastinating – ya right. 😉

And these are because I think he is the cutest when he eats! … even though he has learned that it’s funny to spit his food all over… sigh

So I need your help – what are or did you do for your son’s first birthday theme. I have narrowed it down to monkey’s or football.

4 thoughts on “Happy 10 Months!

  1. Monkeys!!! so cute! have you seen the banana monkey cupcakes on bakerella's blog? I just saw them last night, they'd be adorable! (here's the link if you want to see them:)http://bakerella.blogspot.com/2009/08/monkey-business.htmlI'm going to the store today to try and find things to make those cute little monkey heads.PS love those brown overalls!

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