A few product reviews

After aimlessly shopping this afternoon I ended up with a few mentionable items today.
One is this amazing granola. Anything with the words “dark chocolate” HAS to be amazing, right!?

I feel eating as locally as possible is not only good for the community but it’s good for us, too. Located right outside of Seattle, WA is Snoqualmie Falls. The views are breathtaking and I was able to find their homemade pancake and waffle batter on the supermarket shelves.

I havn’t been feeling that well the past few days. Loss of appetite, headaches and upset stomach – today was the worst. I felt depressed, anxious and foggy. 😦

For breakfast I only ate a Cliff Bar; not the best choice but I felt lazy. Plus I am out of Amazing Meal but I happen to order more today. I miss my drinks in the morning.

I ate a late lunch but it was really yummy! A small piece of rosemary potato bread, Romain lettuce, peas, feta, chicken, home grown tomato’s and basil, roasted bell peppers, pine nuts, salt and pepper and a splash of olive oil. I tried to relax a bit and drink a glass of pear wine. It didn’t work but it was refreshing.

I havnt eaten dinner yet. I sure hope I feel better tomorrow.

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