Oy Vey!

Sunday is our day to take dinner to Marc’s Grandparents. Since Marc and his family are Jewish I thought it would be appropriate to make Matzo Ball Soup and a juicy corned been brisket. Mmmmmm….!

Well before all of that I must add that I didn’t have a very eventful morning. I had a few pieces of turkey bacon that Marc cooked up and a protein shake. Blah.

BUT my soup turned out amazing! My matzo’s turned out to be the size of softballs and had a nice soft yet firm in-the-middle texture.

I couldn’t wait for dinner so I had one for lunch 🙂 – and of course a piece of chocolate for dessert. We received a lovely housewarming package from the housing association! A cute little basket with some fall towels, a recipe book and chocolate!

I simmered the corned beef in the slow cooker for 4 hours and it turned out beautifully! A little salty but enough for all of us!

We didn’t actually eat with the grandparents as they like to eat at 5 and that is a tad to early for us but they really enjoyed their dinner! When we arrived back home and after I put Baby J to bed I made myself a hot corned beef sandwich with Jewish Rye Bread, stone ground mustard, swiss cheese, a few pinches of sauerkraut and of course slices of corned beef. I know I will be puffy in the morning from all of the salt but it was damn tasty!

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