So a few days late…

So sorry everyone! I have had a hard time finding time to update.

BUT let me start off by saying today Jordan is 8 months old!

Marc and I swear that he grows every. single. day. We look at him and he looks HUGE to us! And boy is he quick! Crawling all over the house, looking for new toys to play with and very curious! While I cant wait until he starts walking, I am certainly going to have my hands full!
He also loves to stand. There have been many times where I go to set him down on the floor and his legs stick out and wont bend… basically saying “I want to stand, mom!”. He has taken several steps by holding on to our hands and can stand by holding himself on an object. Not quite pulling himself up yet but any day!

Marc and I have been very busy these days. Finalizing our home, starting to pack, still having to go out of town a few days a week and just over all living. Now that I am not working I can finally get things done around home and pay so much more attention to Baby J. Today is my fist day! I know I am very lucky to have this opportunity and I feel very blessed!

We finally bought Baby J his high chair. I had been eying this solid wood chair by Eddie Bauer at Target. I really don’t like the look of plastic ones and I had been using his Bumbo chair this whole time when I fed him but I wanted him to start learning to self feed. He really enjoyed his dinner last night!

The weather in Seattle has been amazing! Sunny, for the most part, very warm and such a pleasure to be outside now! Baby J seems to love being outside, looking at all of the flowers and leaves. I try to take him out as much as possible. He was even enjoying a night with the boys, too!

Marc, my dad and Baby J

I have found that if I am trying to eat then it goes much smoother if Baby J eats something too. He is always grabbing at our plate and trying to get our food… smart little boy!

And I finally was able to get Baby J to say DADA on camera!

PS – I have been spending a lot of time here, too.

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