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Day 7

Just a lazy Sunday – couldn’t have been better! It was a little over cast which I loved… a nice break from the heat as we do not have air conditioning in our home and the upstairs seems to stay so warm all night long.
The fam went to Whole Foods, too. I usually do not frequent WH as they are fairly pricey and I can get the same product at FM for a lot less. But they do carry a wide range of different products and more options. I mostly look and pick a few things up that are on sale. Some almond butter, a few produce items, nuts, raisins, jam, etc. I was very pleased to find a sugarless pasta sauce! I have had a box of rice fettuccine noodles in the pantry for quite sometime but had yet to find a sauce that didn’t have sugar. Yes, I know I can make my own but I KNEW there had to be one out there.
I was very excited for dinner at that point!I have also been reading quite a bit about these “green monster” drinks. A blend of fruits and vegetables mixed with a scoop or two of Amazing Meal, or something similar, and you have a breakfast, snack, ANYTIME go meal that is packed full of nutrients!

We were on the go so I had an apple and a handful of almonds

Another tomato and basil salad like yesterday’s lunch

A bottle of Naked juice

Rice pasta noodles, tomato sauce with added fresh basil, fresh parsley, garlic, salt and pepper – paired with a hummus salad. I was so full I couldn’t eat all of my salad!

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