Day 8

Monday once again… but then again this was a different Monday for me as it was the first Monday of me being a stay at home mom!
I worked out for an hour this morning and after wards I was exhausted all day. I even took an hour nap this afternoon, which I never do! Marc took Baby J for a bit so I could rest in peace, thanks hon! Although I seemed to wake up more drowsy than I was before – I hate that!

On a side note I have lost about 5 pounds. I can definitely see a difference in my waist! However, I am not doing this detox to lose weight. Anyone would lose weight with the amount and kinds of food that I am putting into my body everyday.

I tried the original blend of Amazing Meal in a green Naked juice. I would have blended my own but I was lazy.

Mango and Chickpea salad

  • romaine and spinach leaves
  • a lot of chickpeas
  • a few black olives
  • a handful of raw cashews
  • fresh mango chunks
  • salsa

If I was thinking I should have added avocado, too. (sorry for the picture – my camera was charging)

Organic cameo apple with almond butter

Quinoa with left over pasta sauce from last night and a few fresh basil leaves.

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