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Day 3

I love going shopping while on this detox. Most would view this as a restricted torture diet but I become so conscious about broadening my horizon and finding creative and healthy alternatives. I also love looking at the bulk bins! Compared to pre-packaged items, you save upwards to 50% AND you only buy what you need.
My dad, Baby J and I went to Fred Meyer. I am such a fan of their organic and health food items. Great selection, great prices and fresh products. While I cannot get every single item here, I would say a good 80% of my food comes from their shelves. I shop a local produce stand for my veggies and fruit and do frequent Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. I picked up a new cereal that I have been wanting to try:

The verdict: it was ok. Something that I have to get used to. Although it would be much better with some agave syrup or brown sugar but that is not an option for me. I did have a bowl with cinnamon but ended up just liking it plain. It has the consistency of cream of wheat although not as smooth. The serving suggestion makes a whole pot full – way too much for me, so I will have to work on the serving size.

Mighty Tasty Cereal

I was in a rush so I grabbed a few handfuls of almonds to get me by

Late lunch/Dinner: (around 3 pm)
Wild rice, avocado, blue corn chips and salsa

Dinner II:
A mug of Broccoli soup with hummus, carrots and olives

I sometimes wish I was surrounded by people that enjoyed a more health conscious lifestyle; or at least knew more about it. I am constantly getting questions like: Are you hungry? Is that even tasty? Tell me again how long you have to do this for? You can’t even have one bite or one sip of this? (insert something that is not allowed in the two week program)
I can take it as it doesn’t stop or discourage me but if they would only see that I am doing this for my health and the way I feel. It’s not as hard as it seems… trust me!

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