detox · food

Day 2

Yesterday went great! I was feeling a tad anxious as I had a personal training session and I didn’t want to feel light headed. But I was perfectly fine, had a lot of energy and feel even better this morning. Since you are pretty much limiting your caloric intake with any detox plan it is suggested that you try not to partake in any vigorous activity. Although I am making sure that I eat enough to feel full. The point of hunger is when a person can slip and start eating the way they were.

Coffee and a piece of gluten free toast

Black bean salad

Pre-workout snack:
A piece of toast with natural peanut butter (peanut is a no-no but I havnt not had a chance to buy almond butter and I wanted to make sure I had enough energy to work out properly)

Barbecued corn on the cob, another black bean salad and Rainer cherries (my fave!)for dessert.

I need to go to the health food store today and our local fruit stand to stock up on food. I hate getting to the point where I am mixing random things together so I can have a meal. It makes me not really want to eat which is bad. I also need to stock up on gallon water jugs. Yesterday I didn’t drink nearly enough water. Shame on me.

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