Some of my favorite things…

One question that I get asked on a regular basis is “What have you been craving?” 🙂

Mmmmm… Ovaltine! Chocolate in general has been big on my list but I love Ovaltine in the morning and at night as dessert! Reminds me of when I was a kid, too.

Good ol 7-11 to the rescue! I have at least 3-4 a week… but our 7-11’s have Crystal Light Sugar Free flavors which are dynamite and I don’t get that high sugar dose either.

Other favorites: Kraft Mac n’ Cheese with hot dogs, Caesar Salad, DQ’s dipped cones, chocolate chip cookies… my menu is sooo much different from how I was eating before I got pregnant!

Bad news for my cravings though: BEER. An ice cold beer sounds good ALL of the time! I was driving to work the other morning at 8:30 and I passed a Coors Light truck… Oh my gawd! What I wouldn’t have given to crack open one right then and there! I have tons a dreams about drinking too where I am totally drunk and then all of a sudden I realize I have a baby in me and I start to freak out! Luckily I have way more self control than that and I would NEVER harm my baby by drinking but it sure does sound good!

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