Go Team Blue!!

The day finally came for us and we found out tht we are expecting a little Boy! The ultra sound took 2.5 hours though and my belly was sore from all the poking and proding and Itty Bitty didn’y like it at all either. It kept kicking and punching… I don’t think I have felt it that much in one time frame!
Marc was a bit suprised about the news; he wanted a girl and not that he is dissapointed but he had to rethink all of his thoughts about the future. I knew it was going to be a boy. The night before the big ultra sound I had a dream that we found out it was going the be a boy. I went into the ultra sound with the mind set that it was going to be a boy. Either way I would have been happy! Now we don’t have to worry about carrying on the families last name, as Marc is the last male in the family.
We have already been buying clothes and seeing what there is in the baby world. I gotta say: there is a lot to choose from!
I have an idea of the furniture and decor I want for the nursery. Frogs, fish or jungle theme. We have yet to find a house so I really do not want to start planning it out until we have a set room in our new place.
The family gathering went very well and it was great to see the family together again! Everyone was a bit suprised, especially my mom!, but we need more boys in the family.
Next TO DO: a name!

2 thoughts on “Go Team Blue!!”

  1. Now that the news has sunk in I am one of the happiest Grandma’s to be. I cannot wait until the day comes when I can hold my new precious grandbaby in my arms and tell him how much he is loved by me.Congrads. to you both…Love Ya..Mom

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