WOW! There really is a little baby in there! For the past week or so I have been feeling little taps but just the past few days it has gotten significantly stronger and I am feeling it all day long while at work! It is an amazing feeling. Itty Bitty gets very excited when I start eating lunch I have noticed, too. Probably because the time between breakfast and lunch I seem to get very hungry and poor thing has to hear my belly rumble.
We have our bit ultra sound on the 6th of June! Marc and I cannot wait until the day comes! Any guesses on to what we are having? Every week he goes back and forth between his little princess or his next State Wrestling Champ. Me? I can’t even tell you. I have visions of my little girl helping me in the kitchen make cookies and having tea parties, but I also see myself making forts and playing ball. We have been leaning towards a girl only because we have a girl name already: Chloe Marie. Boy names have been harder but we may end up going with Mitchell. (This name would represent his grandparents still born baby boy) Any suggestion with the middle name?
We are having a get together at my Aunt and Uncles that following Sunday on the 8th for a small get together and to announce the sex of the baby. I will be making a cake and filling it with pink or blue frosting.. I found this idea from someone elses blog and loved it!
Next: we get to start shopping, finally!

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  1. I believe you guys will have a girl and her name shall be Jessica… LOL Just kidding! I do know what your baby will be though… CUTE!

  2. Our big U/S is june 10th!! We’re just as torn between boy or girl:) and we agree with you – its been harder to settle on a boys name!!Good luck, can’t wait to see what you’re (heck, we’re both) having!

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