Pumpkin Patch 2020

We spent last weekend in Poulsbo, WA and visited Suyematsu Farms!

Like most of you, going to a pumpkin patch in October has been a yearly tradition since Jordan was born (12 years ago now!).
I have my favorites but it has been fun visiting new ones! This year we spent the weekend with my mom and family in Poulsbo, Washington. It was a typical cloudy weekend in the Seattle area but perfect fall pumpkin patch weather!

We even visited a neighboring farm where there were horses and a camel. Super fun to see a camel roaming the pasture with horses! This is a private but open to the public farm where you can pull up, get out of your car and stand near the fence. It was feeding time for the animals and the owner was nice enough to throw the hay near us so we were able to see them up close and personal!

After dinner the boys had fun carving their pumpkins.

Do you have a fall tradition? If so, share in the comments!

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