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Pumpkin Patch Trip 2015

Hi friends!

How has your October been? This past week my mom stayed with us for my birthday and for Jordan’s Birthday – it was so much fun! We went shopping, took road trips, drank mimosas and ate yummy food! We also took out annual trip to the pumpkin patch!

Here are some pictures from our Pumpkin Patch trip!


fall 2015 9


pumpkin 1

pumpkin 2

pumpkin 5

fall 2015 7

fall 2015 8


We didn’t stay too long as it was REALLY cold out! We even saw snow flurries! Brrrr!!! But we had a lot of fun! My mom, Jordan and I always go to the pumpkin patch together so this was a really special day us. ❤

Here are some other fun Pumpkin Patch Posts from the past!

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I absolutely love going to the pumpkin patch each year!
Do you go to the pumpkin patch this year?

XxOo Tasha


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