Getting back in the saddle!

Well here it is… my first food blog post in several months!

Again, I wanted to start documenting my food as I love looking back and seeing what I was eating in different seasons of my life. If you have been a long time follower, you know that I have been primarily plant based, consuming little to no animal products. This too fluctuates with the different seasons of my life, and right now I am consuming animal products. I will write a post on this in the upcoming weeks and why I am… but for now let’s just get into my eats for the day!

I always start with water – at least 20 oz – and black coffee


I wasn’t too hungry this morning so I sipped on Suja Mighty Dozen green juice during some work meetings. This is my favorite bottled green juice!


For lunch I made a yogurt bowl – Zoi Greek Honey Yogurt, an Opal apple cut into bit size pieces, Bear Naked granola and cinnamon. These yogurt bowls NEVER seem to get old!




For an afternoon snack I had a hot cup of Turmeric tea and a Power Crunch bar. These are not my preferred bars but it curbed my afternoon hunger.


For dinner I had a 4 ounces of chicken breast over romaine lettuce and shredded carrots, dressed with a few splashes of Tuscan Italian dressing. Also a side of steamed asparagus with a few spoonfuls of noodles I made for Jordan. The noodles were lightly tossed with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, basil and fresh parmesan.


Workout Summary:

T25 Full Body Blast after work before I made dinner

Gym session tonight – Steady cardio and legs: I am dealing with some knee swelling so I am taking it a bit easy this week until I can reduce it.
I did 20 min elliptical hills, 10 minutes stairs, leg machines at a moderate weight, then finished with 35 minutes walking at a 10% incline at 3.1 rate.
I have been consistently lifting pretty heavily and increasing my muscle strength. The past few weeks I have been incorporating running outside and ever since, I have had knee swelling. I am icing quite a bit but they are both pretty swollen. I have never dealt with knee swelling when I have ran so this is new. I do have some races coming up this year, so I am hoping with a little TLC my knees will start to acclimate to running again. I :crossing fingers!:

Well that sums up my day! I may or may not be posting every single day but I am going to try to stay consistent with at least 3-5 posts per week. Again, let me know what you would like to see from me!

Have a great night!


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