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5 Reasons Why You Are Gaining Weight

You are doing “everything right”. Yet, you are still not losing weight and maybe you are GAINING weight! Rest assured, you are not alone! Yes, losing weight can be a struggle and often times it can be down right frustrating. But even the smallest tweak in your routine can help you reach your weight loss goals faster than ever!


1. Your portion sizes are out of control.

This is a huge reason people struggle with their weight loss journey. Most of the time it isn’t WHAT you are eating, but rather HOW MUCH you are eating. Portion sizes have been growing and growing over the years which has made us un-aware of how much we really should be eating at one time. Take a week and measure out your food based on your caloric needs. You may be surprised by the results!

2. That so called “health food” is NOT healthy.

You had good intentions this week. You went to the grocery store and bought some granola, gluten free snacks and organic breakfast bars. You have been eating these “healthy foods” week after week… so what gives?!
Let me tell you a little secret – you still have to read those ingredients and nutrition facts! Snacks are snacks, no matter how healthy they seem to be! And if you are choosing these so called “healthy snacks” over REAL food (like fresh fruit or veggies) then you are sabotaging your weight loss. Feel free to keep these in the pantry but only use them in emergency situations. And yes, I love granola… a little too much. But granola is very calorie dense… and who really eats 1/4 cup of granola anyway?! Not me!

3. You are not getting ENOUGH calories.

I am not sure who came up with the magical number of 1200 calories a day to lose weight. But based on my research, my own clients progress, and my own progress, eating 1200 or LESS will turn your metabolism upside down and makes it EXTREMELY difficult to lose weight. Your body starts to go into starvation mode and will store fat. Your daily activities and workout level plays a huge part in this as well, but I always suggest anywhere between 1400 – 1600 calories per day.

4. You are drinking your calories

Drinks have calories and we often forget this. A soda, fruit juice (whether it’s pure juice or not), lattes/mochas/foo-foo drinks and alcohol needs to be taken into consideration each day. Just because you are not physically eating it, you could consume an EXTRA 500 calories OR MORE if not careful!

5. You may have a medical condition

If you know you are doing EVERYTHING right – exercising, eating the right foods and portion sizes, tracking your meals/calories – I highly suggest seeing a medical doctor. Before you start going on a juice cleanse or starting the next fad diet, get some routine blood work done and see if there is anything going on that you may not know about. Your health is EVERYTHING!

Embarking on a healthy lifestyle is not always easy. There will be easy days and hard days. Guess what? We are only human! It’s ok! Just remember to stay consistent and show up each and every day! You can do this – I promise!

Are you new to Clean Eating or need a detailed guide on how you can start living a healthier life? Check out my Clean Eating 101 Guide book!

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