Clean Eating 101 Guidebook – get a copy TODAY!

title page

Why do you need this guide? Because you are tired of not being able to eat healthy. You are confused about what you should eating. You want to stop dieting and start living a healthy life!

What does this guide include?

💚 what clean eating is
💚 do’s and don’ts of clean eating
💚 why it’s the backbone to healthy eating and living and how EASY it is!
💚 lifestyle habit changing tips
💚 14 day eating guide
💚 shopping guides
💚 detailed smoothie guide with my favorite recipes and how you can create your own!
💚 over 50 recipes and meal ideas (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!)


And the best part?!?! It’s AFFORDABLE! Under 10$!! Is it worth more than 10$? You bet!!! But what good is this guide if people can’t afford it? I’ve seen similar guides going for 30$- 40$ !!! Insane!!

Find out how you can purchase your very own copy here!

XxOo Tasha

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