Positive Beginnings – Prompt #14


Happy Tuesday!

I hope each and every one of you are smiling today!

I read a quote this morning that I wanted to share:

Sometimes you have to hit bottom to be able to look up again.

We have all been at a very low point in our life. Yet, we are still here! Breathing, learning, living and loving!

I want you to reflect back on a very low point in your life and think about the lessons you learned from it. How did it change you? What happened to you after this event? How has your life been since that point?

Bad situations come into our lives for a purpose. Your higher power does not want you to suffer so these low points and struggles are put before us as a tool. It may not make sense at the time of the event but that’s why it is so important to look back and reflect.

Let it speak to you!

Happy Journaling!
XxOo Tasha

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