Postive Beginnings – Journal Prompt #12


Gooood morning!!

I have been seeing and hearing a lot of people dismiss their beauty – both inside and out. It’s so incredibly sad that we live in a very superficial world where we are constantly being compared and held to unobtainable standards.

It’s time to break free of this of this mentality! Because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! We are ALL BEAUTIFUL!

I want you to really dig deep and and focus on YOU and what makes YOU beautiful in your own eyes! Keep this journal page tagged as I want you to make a conscious effort to keep expanding your list every single day. Because you should be focusing on the beauty of yourself every single day!


Happy Journaling!
XxOo Tasha

1 thought on “Postive Beginnings – Journal Prompt #12”

  1. I love this. I sometimes forget that you must focus on yourself, and never forget that you are beautiful! If you don’t believe that, why would anyone else?!

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