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Spaghetti Squash Recipe


Friends – have you ever eaten spaghetti squash? I haven’t had this squash in a year or so and I forgot how amazing it is! Super sweet and mild, it’s really good plain with a sprinkle of salt and pepper!

Last night I made turkey patties, fresh green beans and spaghetti squash for dinner. Amazing!

The spaghetti squash was really simple to make: I popped it in the microwave for one minute t get it warm, took it out and cut it in half with a large knife, scooped the seeds out, and placed it in a large bowl with a bit of water in it back into the microwave. I heated it on high for 15 minutes, checking every 5 minutes. Once heated and steamed, all you do is scrape the inside out with a fork and you have instant spaghetti!


I topped mi spaghetti squash with a crumbled turkey patty, some black beans and salsa. I have also made spaghetti squash as an alternative to pasta and it was fabulous!

I also had green beans and raw carrots. Super simple and very good!

Turkey Patty:

I combined Organic ketchup, Organic mustard, basil flakes, garlic powder, dried oregano, sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Mix until well combined. ( I used the leanest grade of turkey so I added a bit of olive oil to a large pan to cook them in. ) Sorry… I really do not measure! I just make sure they are nice and moist and I do not over cook them! They will become very dry if cooked too long.

I only ended up cooking half of the spaghetti squash so I will be cooking the rest in a few days.

Clean Eating does not have to be complicated! In fact, it’s very simple! Remember to eat consciously!

XxOo Tasha

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