Healthy Eating

Grocery Haul!

Hey loves!

I LOVE grocery shopping! Probably one of my favorite things to do… ever! Clothes shopping? Not so much… shoe shopping? Nah. But grocery shopping… YES!!!

grocery trip 1

We were at Trader Joes and Jordan always likes to pick flowers up for me… I LOVE tulips so her picked me out a small bouquet of pink tulips. So sweet! 😉

So here is what my haul consisted of:

Let’s start with the produce!

grocer trip 3

Pretty usual and basic today! For fruit I picked up some oranges, apples, lemons and bags of frozen berries, strawberries and cherries. I prefer veggies over fruit so my fruit load is always MUCH MORE than my fruit! Carrots, celery, onions (yellow and red), avocado, cucumber, red bell pepper, greens (spinach and kale), heirloom tomatoes and cauliflower. I am upping my clean eating and raw food consumption during my 90 day challenge so I wanted to make sure I have plenty of options!

Baking and Spices!

grocery trip 2

Nothing exciting going on here… some pure maple syrup, cocoa powder for my shakes, some random spices I was out of and a box of pancake mix for Jordan on the weekend… he LOVES pancakes! He is DEFINETLY my child! 😉

Random finds!

grocery trip 5

Almond milk (both for home and at my office), hummus, beans, Greek yogurt, quick cooking barley, vegan chocolate chip cookies (for my occasional cookie with coffee ;), dish soap and my beautiful flowers from my favorite little man!

Jordan’s food!

  grocery trip 4 

Ok, so before anyone starts freaking out about all of the “snack” food, I do want to mention that he eats A LOT of fresh vegetables and fruit. He LOVES apples, carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, frozen berries and spinach (in his smoothies, of course!).
He does get a “special” cereal (Panda Cereal!), real fruit yogurt, Organic Z bars, banana chips, gluten free mac and cheese, Smart Dogs (vegan, 100% protein dogs. I eat them too!), chicken noodle soup (for nights that we are busy!), vitamins, 100% fruit Crushers (they are pureed fruit, 100%), and fruit leather. This will last him all week and then some. He knows that he doesn’t get snack on a daily basis but when I buy snacks that are REAL FOOD he thinks he is getting a treat but I know they are at least healthy.

So that is it!

I feel SO MUCH better after I grocery shop! Just seeing all that wonderful produce makes my stomach rumble and my mouth water! 🙂

Do you like grocery shopping? What store do you tend to shop at?

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

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