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Early Morning



As we are approaching the weekend I am sure most of you are counting down until you can stay up late and sleep in. As the 5:30AM wake up call beckons you Monday through Friday, you start to become a little bitter with possibly your career, your commute or maybe your alarm.

Before I had a family I remember I would sleep as long as I could, sometimes that meant I was in bed until 10AM or later. Granted I have always been a night owl and stay up fairly late. I seem to be very creative at night – a lot of dreaming, writing and visions happen at night. It’s a magical time for me. But I have noticed that the early mornings are just as magical. Mornings where everything is still and calm. Peaceful. Relaxing. Mindful.

I was reading one of my favorite mind and body books, Wherever You Go, There You Are, and I re-read the chapter titled Early Morning. This chapter is about the magical moment as you start your day where you are connecting with yourself. This chapter really resonates with me because even though I love sleeping in, my day always seems more calm, more productive and more positive when I wake up early before any one else does.

I usually sit and do some personal activities to help jump start my brain and and get my creativity flowing. Sometimes I will doodle, or write and reflect. I am always in a mindful place. I don’t judge myself – I am just being me.

I will also take the time to write out my goals for that day and what I want to accomplish by the end of the day. If the weather has blessed me with no rain I will take a nice walk outside to collect my thoughts, re-charge my energy and help get the blood flowing. Or sometimes I will sit cuddled on the couch, coffee in hand and just be. No phone, no computer… just focusing on my breathing. This is also a great time to practice some yoga poses and stretch.

I want to challenge you to try getting up a bit earlier in the morning. It can be before work, school or on your day off. Start at 15 minutes or 30 minutes. And if you just cant get up out of bed, lay in bed and focus on your breathing. Pull your arms close to your chest and hug yourself. Give yourself a mental pep talk to start the day.
I am beautiful! I will accomplish my goals! I am confident and worth everything I want in life!

Be Beautiful, Be Healthy, Be YOU!

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