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5 tips to succeed in eating healthy at work

For those of you trying to eat healthy can have some difficulty in keeping this up at your workplace. More often than not, the work pressure can mean that you skip your lunch or eat excessively as you work. Erratic eating habit along with eating anything that’s served up at the office canteen can seriously jeopardize your efforts at eating nutritious food. It is so easy to forget the meal hours especially in a stressful job area. Here are 5 tips on how you can still eat healthy at your workplace.

1. Bring your own homemade food

The office will be the last place where you can have a balanced, nutritious lunch or snacks so watch out and be well prepared. You can combat this by bringing in your own meal from home which naturally will be prepared according to your requirement. You can use the leftover chicken salad from dinner to prepare sandwich for your lunch. Always include some fruits and vegetables into your lunch box to balance out your main meat or chicken meal. This way you are accountable for what you eat, as well as aware of how much calories went into the lunch box. When you eat from the office canteen there is no track of how much sugar, fats and carbohydrates are going into your system.

2. Keep healthy snacks at work

Eating healthy is just not about lunch only but those munchies in between your coffee break. Why not load up on some healthy nuts, fruits and yoghurt in the refrigerator as these are suitably light but can still sustain you throughout the day. This also helps you to stay away from the vending machines for those tempting treats.

3. Control the portion of intake

Vary the kind of food you want to take to work but make them out in small portions, so that you can still eat throughout the day without minding the calories. These can come in the form of fruit salad, cereals and yoghurt which can be taken in small portions throughout the day.

4. Be conscious of what’s really healthy

Try to educate yourself on the nutritional values that you can derive from each food item or the harm it can cause you. Besides, do not go for those sodas and carbonated drinks but rather drink fresh water and sugar free iced tea. Study your menu balance and try to stick through with your plan, and avoiding all those food that’s out of your list.

5. Eat away from your desk

The worst place to eat at work is at your desk which can be a multiple distraction for concentrating on your food. You also lose track of how much portion you are eating and may consume more while still busy doing your work. When eating food, it is always nice to focus on what you are eating, savoring the flavor and enjoying the meal. Try to go to a secluded corner or take a seat in the park nearby where you can relax for the hour.


These few tips can make all the difference in your eating habit at work in a healthy and nutritious way. You can start off with this healthy practice if you have not already done so and you will begin to feel the benefits within no time.

About the author: Diana Maria is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she’s fond of books. Recently an article on Genetically Modified Foods attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Patio Sets.

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