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Gray Day Comfort

Waking up to rain is my most favorite way to start the day. Maybe that’s why I love living in Seattle so much. It makes me want to make a hot cup of coffee, read a good book and make a pot of soup or stew. The fresh aroma of spices, vegetables and herbs fills the kitchen for hours and instantly makes me calm and collected.

I have recently found a few recipes that I have been wanting to try and thought I would share with my readers, too. Celebrate the beginning of fall with a hot bowl of comfort!

Tortilla Soup – by Go Vegan Meow


Gumbo – by The Voracious Vegan


Carrot Soup – by Bread & Butter


Spicy African Peanut Stew – by Peas and Thank You


Lentil, kale & potato soup – by Manifest Vegan


Black Bean Soup – by A Veggie Gal


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