lunch, sewing

Veggies Unite!

I had a lovely lunch today!


1/2 of a cucumber, some carrots, hummus and an amazing grilled veggie sandwich! AAAHHHHH this was such a tasty sandwich!


I grilled the bread before putting the filling in by using a little of Earth Balance and placing the bread in a skillet on medium heat. Then I spread my cashew cheese on each slice, added artichoke hearts, avocado, baby spinach and red onion. Heaven in a sandwich.

I love grilling the bread plain beforehand. Much better than toasted! And if I had to chose between fruit and vegetables, I would choose fruit each and every time! I am pretty picky when it comes to fruit and the taste has to be perfect. Not too sweet and not too sour. But with vegetables I always find them to be perfect. =)

And of course I was busy sewing this morning. I made this adorable little girls purse.


With some yoyo’s for flare. I *heart* yoyo’s.


My ultimate job would be to sew all day long. I feel most like myself when I am creating, whether it be by sewing, cooking, knitting or journaling. When I am expressing myself and my abilities I am at peace.

What do you do to feel grounded? Besides creating, running allows me to release stress and tension. Especially when I run outdoors with no music.


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