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How does your garden grow?

Heloooooooo gorgeous Seattle weather! We had such a nice day today – I think spring/summer is finally upon us!

What better way to spend the day than planting herbs:


I know I don’t have a traditional garden, but I do have pretty good luck with my pots. Trust me, if I was able to have a huge garden I WOULD. I absolutely love to garden – there is something to be said about having your hands in the Earth, planting seeds and watching them grow. Magical, I tell you.


My mom gave me most of these plants for my Mother’s Day present, along with this strawberry planter.




Cherry Tomatoes




Italian Parsley & Cilantro


Chocolate Mint & Rosemary


I already had my lavender plant from last year that survived through the winter ( far left pot ).

I will most likely be planting some kind of pepper plant here in the next few weeks. We do have some free space along the side of our house between the existing shrubs, but the soil here is VERY sandy. I should till the soil but there really isn’t that much room. So for now I will stick with my pots.

Do you have any garden plans this year? I would love to hear about them and/or see pictures if you have them on your blog. 😉

I also was behind the sewing machine this morning finishing up some projects when inspiration hit:


Am I the only one who absolutely loves pillows?


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