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It has hatched!

Remember this guy?

DSC05320 It has taken almost a month before anything happened, aka the root. But look at what I spotted today!


Every day I have been impatiently checking on the status of my little seed and there has been no progress. I almost threw it out a few weeks ago but then I read it could take up to 6 weeks before a root forms. I have been babying it, changing its water, talking to it, giving it sun… it looks like all of my work paid off!

It is rather ugly now, though. (sorry seed!) I still love you!


The bottom cracked open and out came the root!


Note: for all of those that have been thinking of growing an avocado plant, it takes time! But once it starts to grow it is pretty darn amazing!

I was having “one of those days” today. I haven’t been out of the house in a few days and I was feeling very anxious, annoyed and going a bit nuts. J has been extremely clingy and whiny, lately.
J, I love you, I will always love you, but sometimes you drive me nuts!
Love, your devoted Mother

Marc arrived home at about 3:30 and I happily put my running clothes on and took off for some much needed exercise. After a great 5.5 mile run, I came home refreshed, relaxed and in a much better mood!

Running, rather exercising in general, is such a release for me. It clears my mind, makes me feel calm and grounds me.

What is your de-stressor?

After I iced my knees, changed, and read some books with Jordan, it was about 6:45. I was pretty hungry, so I grabbed my cooked brown rice and made a very tasty rice dish.


 1 1/2 cups of cooked brown rice 
1/2 cup beans, I used garbanzo beans
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
2 teaspoons dried basil
salt and pepper to taste
top with avocado

Mix all of the ingredients, minus the avocado, together in a bowl. Heat until it’s nice and hot. Top with cool, creamy avocado chunks. Your mouth will thank me later!



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How does your garden grow?

Heloooooooo gorgeous Seattle weather! We had such a nice day today – I think spring/summer is finally upon us!

What better way to spend the day than planting herbs:


I know I don’t have a traditional garden, but I do have pretty good luck with my pots. Trust me, if I was able to have a huge garden I WOULD. I absolutely love to garden – there is something to be said about having your hands in the Earth, planting seeds and watching them grow. Magical, I tell you.


My mom gave me most of these plants for my Mother’s Day present, along with this strawberry planter.




Cherry Tomatoes




Italian Parsley & Cilantro


Chocolate Mint & Rosemary


I already had my lavender plant from last year that survived through the winter ( far left pot ).

I will most likely be planting some kind of pepper plant here in the next few weeks. We do have some free space along the side of our house between the existing shrubs, but the soil here is VERY sandy. I should till the soil but there really isn’t that much room. So for now I will stick with my pots.

Do you have any garden plans this year? I would love to hear about them and/or see pictures if you have them on your blog. 😉

I also was behind the sewing machine this morning finishing up some projects when inspiration hit:


Am I the only one who absolutely loves pillows?


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And the cold sets in

You should see me – I am wrapped in my favorite fleece blanket. It is cold, bone chilling cold. Dramatic? Maybe, but I am not used to this fall weather yet. It was a beautiful sunny day but the high was only 61 and right now it’s 50. Brrrr! However, I am extremely cold all of the time!
PS – Jenna, I am so sorry that your heater isn’t working right now! 😦

Well, onto today.
This morning I woke up, brewed some java and starting getting down to business. Writing.

As I have been mentioning I am going to be writing nutritional articles to an online personal fit website. I needed to submit my first one, along with a bio, this weekend and another one in the next few days. I wrote my first article on Clean Eating – what else?! I promise to post links as soon as can!

All that writing made me hungry so I made a nice bowl of yogurt, granola, apple slices and almond butter – it hit the spot!

Weird fact about me #598: I can’t eat lunch BEFORE I take a shower. It has to be AFTER. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the joy of knowing I get to go into the kitchen and make myself something yummy after a nice hot shower. Or maybe I feel the need to be clean so late in the day. Strange, huh.
What is a crazy fact about you and food?

Today I nibbled on some terriyaki bits that I made a few days back while I was contemplating what I REALLY was going to eat.

I finally settled on a chicken breast sandwich.

  • sprouted bread
  • lots of hummus
  • baby spinach leaves
  • avocado, added after the fact
  • tomato slices
  • s & p
  • chicken breast chunks that Marc bbqued last night

Paired with a nice cup of Pacific french onion soup.


And since it was Sunday and game day I had to have a beer. I ended up only drinking half but it really hit the spot!

I am sad to say that this will be the last produce I get from my little container garden this year. =(

Since the frost is coming, my plants will soon be black and dead. I was able to salvage the last of my un-ripened tomatoes and my cute little green peppers. I seriously don’t know what happened to my peppers this year – they are not supposed to be this small and this is the first time I picked from the plant. Hopefully they will taste good! I know the tomatoes ROCK but they will have to ripen in the window for a while. I have never had green tomatoes, as in fried green tomatoes, because they just don’t sound that appealing to me. Oh well…

After the bulk of the games were over with we went to the grocery store to pick up some fruit and a few other items. Jordan has outgrown all of his hats so we went to the baby section and found an adorable fleece hat! (Fred Meyer rocks because it’s a grocery store AND a department store!) We also found the cutest outfit for dress up dinners or nice events. It’s a little big but should fit him this winter. I think I am going to wrap it up and have him open it at his party.

If you are a parent, what did you buy your little one for their first birthday?

Marc and I ate rather late tonight, around 7:30. We had separate dinners tonight so I went a little creative. I am bored of my salads and I saw a post tonight on veggie burgers and it looked so appetizing! Veggie burger it was!

  • flat bread bread/bun
  • pesto
  • feta
  • veggie burger
  • tomato
  • spinach leaves
  • s & p
  • avocado

OMG – I could have eaten two (or more) of these! I scarfed it down so quickly, you would have thought I hadn’t eaten in days! This is definitely a combo I am eating again, very soon!

And a nice bowl of big, juicy green grapes.

Today was a perfect Sunday – surrounded by the ones I love the most. I hope everyone had a great weekend, as well. Enjoy your Monday!