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My most recent breakup + toothless!

Look who lost his first tooth! My baby boy is not a baby anymore! I picked him up from school today and the teachers had put it in a baggie so it would not get lost. He was sooooo excited … Continue reading

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April Food Photos – Day 1

Leslie over at The Purple Carrot has started a daily food photo project. I was too late to join March but I promised myself I would join in April. I hope you participate, too! The rules are simple: take a … Continue reading

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This one is on me

Good morning? Hello? … Oh, you are there! Wonderful! So am I! Just going through yet another life adventure… one that is keeping me away from the computer, my blog, my camera, my email… pretty much everything and everyone. BUT … Continue reading

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My Aeropress

As most of you know, I love my coffee. I’m not one of those coffee drinkers who order a double tall, vanilla, extra foam, extra hot, non fat latte. No no… I am happy with a hot cup of drip … Continue reading

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