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Coconut Creamer review

The one thing I have learned since being vegan is there are substitutions to every kind of food imaginable. It is indeed possible to live a vegan life and still enjoy the pleasures and tastes of a non-vegan life.


Let’s talk coffee creamer. 99% of the time I drink my decaf coffee black. However, there are days that I want something sweet and I like to treat myself to an “at home” latte.




So Delicious makes a wonderful French Vanilla creamer. In fact this is the only creamer I buy and use when I want a special treat. Not only is it soy free and dairy free, all of the ingredients are GMO free and the coconut milk is 100% organic.


But how clean are the ingredients?


The last four ingredients are not clean, unfortunately.
Natural Flavors is another term for MSG. A tricky wording job that manufacturers use to add “flavoring” to food without saying MSG.
Titanium Dioxide is used to make the creamer white. Unfortunately titanium dioxide can be and is linked to possible health problems, including cancer. How much of this statement is truth is still being decided, though.
Dipotassium Phosphate is a food additive that is recognized by the FDA as “safe”. It is used in non-dairy creamers to prevent coagulation.
Carrageenan is a food additive derived from seaweed that acts as a thickener for vegan foods. However, it has been linked to possible intestinal problems such as inflammation and bowel disease.

So by now I am sure you are asking yourself, “Why would she be drinking this or even promoting this product on this blog?”

I guess the point I am trying to make is: Yes, there are plenty of substitutions for products when you are vegan. HOWEVER, it is still just as important to read the labels and fully understand what you are eating or drinking.

And yes, I do consume this product but not every day. Not even on a weekly basis. And since we are talking “clean eating” for those non-vegan readers, half-and-half is your best choice; but please limit your consumption as it is not “healthy” in terms of calories, fat and what it can do to your overall health.

Nutritional info for So Delicious French Vanilla Creamer:


Keep reading those labels and educating yourself about what you are consuming. Awareness and education are the tools to live a better, healthy life.


5 thoughts on “Coconut Creamer review

  1. I'm so interested about the "natural flavors" because I'm allergic to MSG but have only had the plain version of this product. You wouldn't normally find MSG is a "sweet" product so I'm apt to believe it's whatever they're using to make it more vanilla-y, but you could certainly be right. Gguess it's one more ingredient I'll have to keep my eye on (and one more reason to use unsweetened almond milk in my coffee).

  2. Hey, thanks for posting about this. I also love it & have it in my fridge. I don't have it too often, but it is good to be informed about the things that are in what we are putting in our bodies. Thanks! 🙂

  3. Yeah, that "Natural Flavorings" is a scary one! It can be pretty much anything including broths derived from roasting meats or other animal byproducts. (I know SO Delicious is vegan, I just mean as far as grocery shopping in general.)And when you call the companies, they often "can't tell you" because it's a matter of keeping their recipe secret. Bleck!

  4. I have had this and its pretty good, I am addicted to the soy coffee creamer from Trader Joes. Yum. I am trying to go vegan, so I will be checking back for some good convenience food ideas, keep em coming!

  5. Great message to get out there about reading the labels and ingredients. I wish they didn't have to put that crap in there though! I can't wait until I have all of these options when I get back to the states for vegans. I'm going vegan for a month right now, and although it seemed daunting at first, it actually hasn't been that bad.

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