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Perfect Pair

Happy Sunday! PS – If you didn’t already know, Sunday is my most favorite day. Not too sure why but I love the feeling of a Sunday. Restful, relaxing care-free… aahhhh!

Today my meals/snacks all were perfectly paired to equal some pretty tasting noshing.

Nomm Nomm Nommmm

Breakfast: tofu + turmeric = best breakfast scramble!



Lunch: Tomato + Basil & Hummus + Cucumber = heavenly salad bowl!


Tomato with basil and a little salt and pepper is the best thing on this earth. Seriously.


Desert: Chcolate + Peanuts = Mmm Mmm Mmmmmm


I made another batch of my raw CCB’s but instead of almonds I used peanuts. Perfect win!

I am off to a yearly banquet for Marc – it’s being hosted at a BBQ joint. Hmmmm…. this should be interesting….



6 thoughts on “Perfect Pair

  1. can't wait to make the raw CCB's… bought dates this weekend at the Farmer's Market… i'm going to make them with almonds… thanks for the inspiration!

  2. How did I get so far behind on your posts?! Tomato, basil, and mozzerella used to be my go to sandwich! Such a good combination!

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