Out of commission

Hey guys! How was the weekend?

Mine started great – it was a beautiful day on Saturday. I made coffee, played with J, cleaned a bit and thought about what we were going to do. While J was napping I decided to take advantage of the great weather and go for a relaxing run outside. I found a new trail nearby and had been wanting to try it out for a few weeks.

And that’s when it happened.

You may remember me stating I went to the chiropractor on Wednesday because of a pinched nerve in my lower back. Even after my adjustment it still didn’t feel 100% buy I thought it was just sore and needed some time to heal. I even ran on Thursday night and I was fine during and the next day.

Mid run yesterday, about 2 miles, my lower back seized up. I stopped, tried to stretch it out but no dice. I walked a bit but walking actually hurt worse than jogging. And all I could think about was getting back to my car. So I sucked it up and jogged the rest of the way back; stopping here or there to stretch it out.

Got in the car, called Marc and told him what had happened. I was so upset because I was having a fantastic run and I could have ran so much more. But I didn’t want to push it. I’m just glad I was only 2 miles out!

It was feeling fine as I was driving – not an ounce of pain. I got out and BAM – down I almost went. I couldn’t walk. PERIOD.

I crawled into the house, looked at Marc and said “Something isn’t right.” I laid on the floor with ice packs on my back, took some Tylenol and hoped for the best.

Well it’s Sunday night and still can’t walk. I can sit and bend over but lifting, walking and carrying anything sends shooting pains down my left side and leg.

I am off to see the chiropractor tomorrow morning and I am hoping for some good news. But I am also very scared as I have never experienced back pain like this before. The left side of my lower spine on my hip is extremely swollen and there is a huge lump in my lower vertebrae. And even when I make small moves I can hear it pop back there – it’s pretty gross.

I want to cry. I have my FIRST half marathon coming up in 3 WEEKS! How am I supposed to do this when I can’t even walk?! I am so discouraged =(

I am really hoping for some good news tomorrow morning. Even if I have to take a week off to rest and recoup I know I will be fine for the marathon. I don’t want to prolong my injury, whatever it may be.

I will keep you all updated – please think good thoughts for me. =(


18 thoughts on “Out of commission

  1. OMG, I'm so sorry Tasha! Hopefully, the chiro will adjust you and fix you right up. Maybe try heating pads too, to relax the muscles. ??

  2. Ugh – I've so been there (but without the running part). If you have what feels like a golf ball to the side of your spine at hip level, it's probably swelling in the SI joint – I had that last week. You may need an MRI. I did two rounds of Prednisone when I had a herniated disc in '06. I put on all my weight then but the trade off was that I could walk. Thinking good thoughts for you!

  3. I'm so sorry, how frustrating! I'm sending good vibes that it'll be better soon! Hubby recently went through something similar, he was bed-ridden with back pain for 2 days and just fine after – backs can be a mystery!

  4. Oh no! I hope tomorrow goes well for you, back pain can be serious so definitely take it easy and try a heating pad if you have one maybe. I am so sorry, I hope you will still be able to run in a few weeks!Let me know if you need ANYTHING!

  5. ooooooooooh noooooooo 😦 I will send you feel better vibes… that's terrible… I hope this will help, it sounds like the same thing I went through a few months ago… The doctor told me cold then heat… I also massaged that spot a lot with peppermint oil (mixed with massage oil) I finally broke down and got some icy hot… which was so much better.. When I could I also put a pillow between my legs too when I slept. I turned out I had a major muscle spasm in my vertebrae… I hope it gets better, and I hope this stuff helps. I was worried that I had done something terrible to myself too… but I am good as new now!! 🙂 Hope this helps. Let us know how you are ok?Jess

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