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1 little monkey…

Thanks for the kind comments on my Vegan Banana Bread Muffins – they are pretty amazing, if I must say so.

I was drinking my coffee and thought, A muffin would be pretty good right about now! And so into the kitchen I went.


Melted Earth Balance…. Mmmmmm



I had two of these muffins – yum! And Jordan enjoyed them, too =)



Lunch was just as good.


Don’t you just love gathering a ton of ingredients, making a wrap and have it be one the best things you have ever eaten?

I combined some cooked lentils with sweet potato, hummus, cilantro, red onion, avocado, black olive and hot sauce. All wrapped in a rice tortilla.


I was so close to making another one but I knew I would have taken one bite and been stuffed. So I ate a small organic apple with cinnamon and almond butter instead.


J and I are off to the chiropractor this afternoon – I sudden have a pinched nerve in my lower back. I noticed last night while running, and it’s even worse today.

And speaking of running, I have totaled up all of my mileage and have ran approximately 63 miles with another 18 miles left! WOOHOO!!!

But I do have a question for Garmin users: does it not work on the treadmill? I couldn’t seem to figure it out and it said I ran 10 feet. lol This is the first time I have used it so maybe I have the settings wrong (???)

EDIT: Thanks everyone for your Garmin advice! *** it works off of GPS, not stationary*** That’s what I figured but it doesn’t help to ask 😉 Yes, I track my mileage on the treadmill itself but I wanted to try it out. I guess I will have to wait until my run outside.


15 thoughts on “1 little monkey…

  1. You just described my lunch on most days. I could eat wraps for every meal it seems. It's how I use up all my leftovers! They always seem to turn out better than anything I could have ever planned!

  2. Your wrap looks super good!!As always..your muffins look really yummy too. You are such a great cook lil Tash.I love Jordans pics. his spiderman jammies are super cute.Hope to see you this weekend..Grandma and Pa are coming over on sat.Love Mom

  3. Those muffins DO look amazing! I love making muffins because they freeze so well :)As anon said- the Garmin won't work for distance on the treadmill. Isn't there a distance thing on your treadmill??

  4. Great job on the running! I see a chiropractor once a month – especially now that I am carrying around a heavy baby. It is awesome!

  5. Hi Tasha,Actually the Garmin works off of GPS so no, it wont work on a treadmill because your not actually going anywhere, does that make sense?? They do sell a foot pod that goes along with the garmin to work in stationary mode such as the treadmill. Hope that helps.Janet

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