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:munch munch: The Cookie Monster!!!

Happy Monday, all!

So I have been missing my green monsters but juicing all of the time. I made an AWESOME one for breakfast – yay!


almond milk, spinach, flax meal, banana, frozen strawberries – peaches – grapes.

A few hours later I had a bowl of cereal, too.


Almond milk, granola, flax flakes and shredded coconut. I have been eating a lot of cereal lately – I forgot home much I love it!


Then I caught J digging through the pantry – no need for any explanation!


 DSC04573 DSC04574 DSC04575 DSC04576 DSC04577    


16 thoughts on “:munch munch: The Cookie Monster!!!

  1. Love your healthy juices.Your son is a cutie….and I see a dog in the backround in one of the pictures. I didn't know you had a dog? Does he like green monsters too???

  2. I can't blame the little guy for giving into his sweet tooth. How many teeth does he have, anyway? :)Your breakfast looks so revitalizing. I love the amount of fruit you put in your green monsters. Natural sweeteners.Also, backing up to the previous post…thanks for the list of toxic foods. I'll have to find some convenient alternatives to the BPA lined canned goods…

  3. hahaha if Girl scouts made vegan cookies i would be acting just like J lol…but the rest of my family is gobbling down those cookies fast! o i miss those darn things especially frozen thin mints mMm

  4. oh my gosh – adorable! I can see Nick doing this. They have to be close in age. 🙂 Thin mints! So you used a juicer to make that smoothie? how do they compare to the blender?

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