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In my kitchen

Hey guys, I thought it would be fun to go on a small kitchen tour to see where all the magic happens!

For some reason I cannot find any decent kitchen pictures and it’s too messy right now to take a new picture =) so these will have to do.



This picture was taken right after we moved in. We have since changed our stove and fridge that I will show below. I just love the ample counter space! I love the HUGE island and tall cabinets, too.


The entire back side of the house is full windows making it a great place for natural light. This was taken from J’s Birthday party but I love how it shows how open the layout is. I often sit at the far right chair on the bar and blog (like I am doing right now) but I also love sitting at the breakfast table and peer out of the window. We face a woody green belt and it makes me feel like I am no longer in the city.

Here are the new upgrades we have done to our kitchen – new gas stove and new fridge.


I absolutely love cooking with gas. At first I was really scared of it but it has automatic lighters and safety shut off valves to make it simple. It also is a convection oven which helps regulate the temperature inside the oven; it makes food cook evenly and faster.


I also love our fridge. The freezer is on the bottom, and both fridge doors open up to one huge fridge area. It’s awesome!

So now that you have a glimpse on the outside here is what is on the inside of some of my cabinets – the important ones. 😉



Our plates are made by Crestware. We bought them through my husbands old restaurant supply company and unfortunately I cannot find many places online that sells them. I saw one on Overstock but it looks as though they are made for supply companies to buy in bulk.

They are heavy duty and work wonderfully. I love all of the bright colors, too. I think we will be trading in for some new ones here soon – I have this obsession with square, Asian plates.

We also have our sushi set on the very top shelf and some white plates on the bottom. We have a very nice white china set, that happen to be square, and I love using the white plates of photographing food. It enhances the color of the food.

Cups and Mugs


Marc had a large selection of bar glasses that we have just kept and used throughout the years. They are thick and there is no need to change them out. But I do have a problem with mugs – I just love them! None of them match, they are all different sizes and each one has character and a story behind it. Then we have our white and red wine glasses; and the very top has some odd and ends – plastic cups, a tea pot and a few insulated cups.



Mmmm… don’t you just love the smell of a spice cabinet!? This cabinet gets used a lot! Spices are on the bottom, larger bottles, sugar and flour are on the second and misc. baking supplies are on the third shelf. I don’t think there is anything on the very top shelf, besides some dust.

Cookbooks and Jordan’s shelves


Marc and I debated and butted heads for a while about keeping the cookbooks in the kitchen. He thought they belonged on the book shelf in the office BUT I said they belong in the kitchen for easy access and inspiration. Naturally I won that debate. I do have more but I have run out of room so only the ones I use frequently get the honor of being on these shelves.

This is also where I keep J’s snacks, bottles, cups and bibs.

Kitchen Appliances


This cabinet also gets used very frequently. All of my kitchen appliances are here, minus my mixer as it is on the counter. I have my Breville Juicer, Kitchen Aid Food Processor, Vita Mix Blender and my French press, which is not shown. The shelves are deep and hold everything nicely.

Believe me, there is much more to my kitchen but I wanted to showcase the most loved and used parts. Plus, J has completely rearranged my tupper ware and baking dishes – pretty much anything he can reach he gets into. Oh well – the joy of having a little chef!



6 thoughts on “In my kitchen”

  1. I love the Island in your kitchen!! I love your kitchen all together!!!!!!! Im loving the plates too!!!!How cute the little chef is!!!Love this post! Fun to see !!!!

  2. lucky girl! that's an amazing kitchen…i'd love to have a big island and huge windows 🙂 i used to be scared about cooking with gas, but once i tried it that's all i've ever wanted to use! i'm praying that there's a gas connection behind our current stove/oven that's on its last leg… 🙂

  3. I LOVE your kitchen! I want an island some day 🙂 …a really big one like yours! Someone just emailed me the other day asking for a tour of my kitchen! While it's not as impressive as yours (and way more cluttered!), I think it's a great idea! 🙂

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