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Beautiful Sunday

What a beautiful Sunday morning! It is super sunny in Seattle today – I love Sunday’s.

Wow – I wasn’t aware that most of you were happy to see what Jordan eats on a daily basis. I am sure you are all aware that I am a big advocate on childhood obesity and starting them at an early age to eat a well balanced diet is the best thing for them. True, kids will be picky and not like certain foods that are healthy for them but I am firm believer of leading by example. If they see you eat healthy then they will be inclined to do the same.

This morning I started with some juice.


Half of a large beet + spinach + 3 strawberries + 1 pear + 2 carrots + a small piece of ginger. The pear was a nice change as I always use apples. It wasn’t as sweet as it normally is.

Then I cooked some 8 grain cereal. I actually like this a lot more than standard oats. It’s creamy, nutty and comforting.


I topped it with PB, maple syrup, dried cranberries, pecans and flax seeds. So so yummy!

I was just telling Marc that I have been feeling amazing on a vegan diet. No bloating, a lot of energy (besides being sick) and mentally I feel good about my choices.

We are off to enjoy the day in the sun – have a WONDEFUL day!


9 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday”

  1. I have also started eating Vegan as of this past Monday ( Orthodox Lent). It hasnt been that bad. I am still waiting to see how it influences my energy/body etc. The difficult part is when eating out (not sure if they use butter or oil) etc. But its a start!

  2. Oh enjoy the sun. we had sun last weekend and rain this weekend. seeing our kids be healthy. best feeling ever!have a great week!xoxo

  3. That juice sounds heavenly! I might have to try that out 2marrow since luckily I happen to have ALL of those ingredients in my kitchen! =) And the walnuts and cranberries look divine in your hot cereal! Mmmm mmm!!

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