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2.18.10 eats



almond milk + a teaspoon cocoa powder + scoop Chocolate Superfood + frozen strawberries + agave + banana + ice


Half of a bagel with cream cheese and pumpkin butter. J and I shared =)



Salad – mixed greens + chickpeas + avocado + red onion + red bell pepper + basil + S & P + EVOO


Tomato soup with homemade croutons


Afternoon snack


Home made chai latte + organic apple + trail mix



I roasted a parsnip + carrot + onion – recipe can be viewed here

DSC04325 DSC04326 

And some sushi!

 DSC04328 DSC04329

Plus there was some night time trail mix snacking and vanilla fro – yo =)


8 thoughts on “2.18.10 eats

  1. the color of that smoothie is FANTASTIC! the combo of the cocoa poweder and frozen strabwrries just makes such a pretty deep red! love it 🙂 i am sure it tasted great too!!

  2. Thanks, Sherri!I have got the "You look so thin" comment at times; but mostly from my parents or husband. I consider myself average – neither tiny nor large. I have a normal BMI, great blood pressure and healthy over all. Sure there are areas that I need to lose some extra weight in, like my hips and thighs. I am bottom heavy – but one thing I do get a lot is that I look "healthy". As in I have a glow, clear skin, bright eyes and not over weight. Looking healthy is all that I could have asked for =)

  3. 2 things: first of all, I love looking at pictures of food. Keep 'em coming. lolSecondly, I have been reading several blogs now, and I notice that sometimes readers make comments about how thin the blogger is, almost like it has hidden meaning, like "Well of course you're thin, you don't eat anything but vegetables"… but I see what you eat in a day, and you put away a lot of food for such small girl!It just goes to show that when you're eating clean, you can eat a fair amount of food in a day, and still keep the extra weight off. It's amazing how our bodies respond when we feed it the food it needs, instead of all that processed junk!

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