Heart Healthy

Happy Valentines Day!


I hope each and every one of you are enjoying your day filled with love!

Sorry I have not been updating the past few days. I have been in some kind of mental cloud, if you will, and I just have not been feeling up to posting. I took photos with intentions of posting but just never felt up to it. Sorry guys =(

But I am feeling a bit better today – an awesome breakfast sure did help!

I started with some Greens


I juiced an organic apple, an organic carrot, organic spinach and a piece of ginger. Some of you may have seen my tweet yesterday about adding ginger to my juice – OMG! I love it! I am sad that I never added it sooner! If you have not added ginger to your juice, do it NOW!

I was wanting something different for breakfast this morning. I was craving quinoa and came up with an amazing bowl of goodness!


Cooked quinoa, a drizzle of maple syrup, cinnamon and a small splash of almond milk. I was going to add some nut butter but it didn’t even need it! Here is the recipe.


Here’s to a Heart Healthy Valentines Day!


4 thoughts on “Heart Healthy

  1. I made green juice with ginger today, too… a little too much ginger actually! But it was good anyway.Sorry you've been in a funk. Totally understand that. Hope you have a great V-day!

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