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An old friend

Hi hi!
I am so glad you all loved my first Power of Love post! =)
Sorry I haven’t been posting my eats – I think I am getting a bit tired of photographing every single meal. It’s quite time consuming. Don’t worry I will still be featuring food on a daily basis but I am thinking of doing it if it’s new and exciting, and focusing more on health and nutrition posts.
This morning I had a wonderful bowl of cereal.
Mmmm… this is some tasty cereal! If you like the texture of cream of wheat then you will love this! And check out this ingredient list.
I could really taste the sunflower seeds – yum! I fancied up my bowl with dried cranberries, peanut butter, maple syrup and cinnamon.
I could have eaten twice this amount. MMmmmmm… The cinnamon was from Spices Inc and let me just say it was the BEST cinnamon I have ever had! Seriously you guys – I know how much cinnamon is loved in the food blog world and I highly recommend you trying this!
Lunch was a huge veggie salad – perfect!
Where do I start – there was romaine, carrots, bell pepper, brussel sprouts, celery, chickpeas, onion, pepper, Goddess dressing and some rosemary crackers.
I have been consciously trying to eat a vegan diet. If you can remember, this was one of my 2010 goals. I am right around 75% vegan for the day. I do still have my Greek yogurt and an occasional bite of Jordan’s cheese but I am slowly starting to wean it all out.
I have been busy sewing, sewing and more sewing! I am so happy that I found my power cord to my sewing machine! I haven’t sewn in over 6 months – way too long!
I listed some new towels in my shop:
A pack of 4 valentine wash clothes
2-pack pear kitchen towels
I have been quilting up a storm, too. Man, I have missed sewing!

10 thoughts on “An old friend

  1. Wow… those towels are AMAZING!! I loooooove the blue/brown ones!! Lance the dog ate that cute towel you gave me .. bugger… i wanted to shoot him… must have been the little hangy thingies! Great job, I'm going to check out your etsy site right now!

  2. Your son is just two sweet!!!!I love the new blog header, meant to tell you that yesterday!!I think you are so creative, I love the washcloths, they are so cute!! I do not know how to sew too well, lol!Have a great day girl! xoxo

  3. Your towels are adorable! You're quite the seamstress :)I'll have to check that cinnamon out…I've been using generic :/

  4. I love that cereal! I first had it at my sister's house, and that just reminded me that I need to hunt for it over here at the commissary! I know what you mean about the food pictures! I started out photographing most of my food, and totally switched it up a couple of months ago. It has worked out quite well. There are enough daily food bloggers out there for people to get their daily food fix!

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