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In your shoes


I broke down and bought J some Converse. I love them.


In support of the Power of Love this month here is a plaque that I had when I was a child, and now it’s in J room.


I can only hope that J will grow up and be a happy, kind and loving man. I will be there for him to lend a hand, supporting him 100% of the way on whatever he chooses to do and be. I hope he travels the world, making a positive impact where ever his feet take him.

I love you, my son – you will be amazing!


Lunch was well over due – a huge raw salad!


I packed my bowl with romaine hearts, carrots, red bell pepper, onion, raw sunflower seeds, basil and avocado, with some Goddess Dressing.


My salad intake has gone down since it;s winter. I tend to grab comforting meals like soup.


I made another batch of Lentil Soup with red lentils instead. I think I used too much liquid as the lentils mushed down to a puree instead of keeping their shape. I added double the veggies, too. It still turned out wonderfully, though.

I FINALLY went to the gym last night after taking a week off! The flu just sucked all of the energy out of me. I did a nice and easy run/walk, 3.5 miles in 40 minutes, and stairs. My legs felt awesome!

Have a wonderful day everyone! Keep on the look out for my first Power of Love post! Want to join me?


6 thoughts on “In your shoes”

  1. what kind of godess dressing do you use? i wasn't sure if they were clean or not? looks like an awesome salad! also wondering what kind of dried cranberries you use, i can't find a decent kind with no sugar! thanks and love your blog!!

  2. I find converse SO HARD to put on Lu so I just skip them, even though they are so cute. Target is having a HUGE sale on them right now. :)I agree with your sentiments for J for Lu 🙂 except make it girl :)To answer the question on my blog-to So COCONUT yogurt is the best. Only issues is that there is very little protein 😦

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