So, as you can all see my split pea soup turned out amazing! I am so glad I finally found a great way to make this soup, even better that it’s vegan!

While I was patiently waiting for my soup to finish, I made a yummy bowl of yogurt, strawberries, nuts and chocolate chips. I love this combo!


The there was soup.


I had so much fun making this – it actually was very simple! I could have use my slow cooker but I didn’t want to un burry it out of the garage. A big pot on the stove worked just fine.

Of course I had another helping for dinner, too. With a light spring mix salad topped with raspberry vinaigrette, gorganzola and pecans.


I am headed to the grocery store today – a must as I am out of pretty much everything! I hate when I get this low but it does make me eat foods that I normally do not think about, hence the soup! =)

I am sipping on coffee and going through my google reader to catch up on all of your wonderful blogs. Have a fantastic day!


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11 Responses to Repeat

  1. Danielle (Coffee Run) says:

    The soup looks great! Its so easy to freeze/reheat too.

  2. Cindy says:

    ohhhh your meals today look delish! I could go for a salad like that ! and SOUP! maybe I should put a pot on tonight! I DO have everything….hmmmmxo

  3. I have never liked peas much, but you are inspiring me to try and make this soup, it looks good.*Check out my Nature's Gate lotion giveaway @*

  4. greensandjeans says:

    I bought supplies for split pea soup today! Can't wait to make it!

  5. Split pea soup sounds amazing right now…they're forcasting snow all day tomorrow!

  6. I adore gorgonzola + pecans on a salad. My favorite Panera Bread salad (yeah, I'm apprehensive about eating at a restaurant with the word 'bread' in the title) has both and they are so good together.I've never had split pea soup! I'll have to make some when I can eat again.

  7. oc2seattle says:

    That soup looks fab – way better than anything I could pull out of my kitchen when ingredients are running low (which reminds me that I too need to head to the store)!

  8. I love yogurt with something crunchy and a hint of chocolate chips, too! A tablespoon is my go-to treat when I have a craving.

  9. Chelsea says:

    Thanks for the shoutout :)That soup still looks delish today!!!Have fun at the store.

  10. I did for my first tri-mester. I couldn't stomach it. After all of my food aversions subsided I was able to drink it but I stuck to decaf. I'm actually still drinking decaf most of the time as regular coffee makes me jittery!

  11. I LOVE all of your meals. Seriously you eat so well! :)Just out of curiosity did you give up coffee when you were pregnant?

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