wish list wednesday

Wish List Wednesday!

I figured I would do a Wish List Wednesday to start the new year – I haven’t done one of these in such a long time!

Today I am focusing on furniture and living styles!

My style and Marc’s style somewhat clash. I am very bright and love odd, kitschy pieces of art and decor and he is rather traditional. We work together to find a happy medium but I do find myself OOING and AWING over lovely pieces of furniture that I could only dream of having.

Here are some of my favorites over the years:




Living Room

To be continued….

10 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday!

  1. First, wow love all the living room, bedroom, and kitchen styles, you have good taste!Second, Thanks so much for your kind words and support on my situation, means so much to me! I had to speak out on my blog, I have nobody to talk to besides my fiance, I mean all my sisters are not talking to me, I have no fiends really except for a couple best friends, so it felt good to let it out and get peoples advice, you are so right, my mom is being very selfish, in fact that is the exact word my fiance used, I hope she realizes what she is doing and how much she is hurting me, I have hope, life is too short and beautiful, the wedding will go on no matter what : )Thanks again girl!! xoxo

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