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Just another Tuesday

Hey guys!

I wanted to say thank you for all of the suggestions regarding my dinner woes. So many great suggestions and comments – this is why I love blogging! It helps me see it in many perspectives, which I need at times!

Again, thank you all so very much!

I am going to be making this brief – Marc is on his way home from an all day wrestling tournament. He left at 7 and it’s 8 right now! I just talked to him and he is exhausted and his voice is crackly from yelling calls all day.

Breakfast was coffee and half of a Lara bar (un pictured)

I decided to take J to the gym with me and I got an awesome 4 miler in! It really brightened my day and mood!

I came home, ate the other half of my Larabar and took a nice hit shower. J was exhausted so he was asleep right away.

Lunch was my left over takeout which I put on a big bed of baby spinach.


Yum! It wasn’t spicy enough so I added chili flakes and sri racha – POW!

Then J and I headed out to gather the rest of my Christmas gifts. I only had to go to one store and it wasn’t busy at all – thank goodness.

CONFESSION TIME: I saw some items that I wanted and I bought them to be presents from Jordan. :Insert shocked face: … is that bad? Meh.

I also received some cool things in the mail today! SCORE!!!


My variety of Larabar’s that I won!


AND my I ❤ TOFU shirt!


YAY!!! It’s a tad snug but whatever.

I also scored some goodies at the store.


I have yet to try these flavors and I am SOOOOO excited!

AND I found this item:


The kind folks at Good Belly sent me some coupons to try their product. It is a probiotoc fruit drink with a lot of good for you ingredients in it. (I recommend checking out their website as they go into detail.)

I opted for the mango flavor because I really have no idea what black currants taste like… ha


It tasted just like mango/pear juice! Very yummy! You are supposed to drink 8oz a day for the benefits to be seen so I am up for the challenge!

For those of you that have digestion problems, probiotics are wonderful! I am fine in that region but it definitely will not hurt any. Cheers for good digestion!

I also made some cookies: (I had two =)


Wrapped my presents:


It was a fun afternoon! =)

I put J to bed rather early; he was really cranky and rubbing his eyes. I settled down with a nice plate of dinner.


Carrots, celery, hummus, couscous, and edamame.

And for dessert I munched on an apple with PB.


Well I am off to read my new magazine and wait for hubs to get home!

Enjoy your night!


5 thoughts on “Just another Tuesday

  1. I am still trying to love tofu. I have got to learn how to prepare it – I can marinate fine and don't mind taste, but it's too squishy! I am trying the freeze-then-bake trick soon but if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them. I have been really low on protein lately. Your day sounds busy and fun! My hubs is on Winter Break so I'm not getting anything done, oops!

  2. Glad you were encouraged by the comments! That's what I love about this community is the ability and willingness of everyone to respond 🙂 Dinner looked great, and hope you enjoy the larabars!

  3. Cooking can be so hard! My boyfriend and I have VERY different takes on food, so when we cook together we go for things like pizza and tacos, which we can personalize but still make "together!"

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