Random… because it’s 6:34PM

“Your blog is my favorite. I’ve recently started eating clean and it is very challenging. It’s not challenging when I’m at home because I keep my fridge and cupboards stocked. But it’s Christmas and nobody in my family eats clean. What do you do? Maybe you could write an article on that. What does the clean eater do, when they are faced with Christmas Parties, Birthday parties, New Years parties, etc. Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. it’s great!! – Alisa “

I love you all – seriously. If I could send a huge hug out over the internet fibers then that is what I would do! Instead, you get these pink XOXOXO’s! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

No, Alisa, THANK YOU for taking time out of YOUR day to read my blog! And this goes for all of you!

This is just one of the kind messages I received about my question for question’s. ( I totally laughed out loud while I was typing this! )

Well Alisa, I will answer your question in detail later but I wanted to touch base on it rather quickly. Like you, I surround myself with the goodness of wholesome foods that are good for my body.

However, I do make allowances for outings, making the best choice option that is available to me. But don’t feel stressed about this.

I have found the more stressed I get the worse the situation becomes. Also adding the “failure” factor in – NOT a good thought! Keep it simple, loading up on all of the good foods with an occasional treat or “bad food”. One night of splurging will not hurt.

Thoroughly enjoy your food, eating slowly and enjoy great company.

Alisa, I hope that helps! Remember to check back this next week with a more detailed response!




  • apple
  • beet
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 clementines
  • 2 cups spinach

Blended with some ice and a banana – wonderful.



Lentil vegetable soup and some Oikos with trail mix.

Then I started a pot of Matzo Ball soup.

DSC03369 DSC03370 DSC03371  DSC03374

We didn’t celebrate Hanukah last night so I thought I would suprise Marc with a wonderful batch of soup. He LOVES it! My secret?

A box – like this one:

Believe me, he knows it’s from a box but he says it tastes home made. =) I usually add some carrots and celery but I am low and I wanted to save them for when I get hummus cravings. Yes, I really do CRAVE HUMMUS!


So, my hair has been driving me nuts lately! I am in need of a serious cut and color but every time I schedule a time, I always have to cancel. I was dark for a very long time and went blond about a year ago. Sometimes I get an itch to go back to dark, though.

Here are some random pictures:

And then me blonde:


It has definitely turned more brassy than blond since I am WAY over due for a color, but I want to know what you think – blonde or dark?


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