Jordan – what is your favorite?

Morning! Happy Saturday!

Any big plans? Any fun parties?

J and I are hanging out all day =) – Marc is refereeing all day. So I am sipping on coffee, relaxing. It’s funny because even though I stay at home everyday, I can tell the difference between Saturday/Sunday compared to the rest of the week. Strange, huh? It just “feels” different.

Anyway, I received a lot of good ideas to work with for my article type posts. I will probably be posting them once a week or so. Any more ideas or questions are welcome at anytime! I have a binder that I am keeping all of my thoughts and ideas in.

Since I have not done this in a while I am going to so a Favorite’s Post – Jordan Style! These are all of Jordan’s favorite thing!

TV: We don’t watch a lot of TV in our household but I do let him watch TV in the morning. He LOVES the Disney channel! Mickey Mouse Playhouse, Special Agent OSO, Handy Manny… He seems like OSO the best, and for all of you moms out there, join me when I say this is the STUPIDEST cartoon. The concept is cute and someone educational but OSO himself is a freakin idiot.



Food: Jordan LOVES food! Especially what we are eating. I swear he is just like a dog. He practically begs for a bite whenever we are eating ANYTHING. I have always given him a variety of foods and luckily he has never not liked something. Although he is a bit snobby when it comes the temperature and texture. He prefers food the be on the cooler side.

He loves banana’s, sweet potatoes, green beans, Brussels sprouts, cheese, cherrios, Green Monsters (I think he just enjoys drinking out of the straw!) and peaches.


Toy: I cannot really pinpoint a favorite toy. Basically anything that he can get his hands on he enjoys! He loves rearranging the Tupperware, our cell phones, and surprisingly he loves our metal, folding steamer! lol

But believe me, he has PLENTY to choose from!


5 thoughts on “Jordan – what is your favorite?

  1. haha whenever i am babysitting i really just wonder how those tv shows get funding lol! it sounds like your son and i have similar favorite foods hehehas usual such cute pictures!!-Bella Lena

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