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Hey guys! How is everyone’s Tuesday going?

Mine started off slow with a few cups of coffee consumed. I think J has finally gotten used to the time change as he is finally waking up to his normal 7 am – he was not a happy camper waking up at 6, and neither was I.

A few hours later I made a satisfying bowl of oats!


  • organic oats made with water
  • almond butter
  • maple syrup
  • dried organic cranberries
  • walnut pieces

Heart healthy and oh so good!

I am very glad to see you liking my cookie recipe from yesterday! I wouldn’t;t lie to you: they are GOOD! AND easy to make!

J is taking a very late nap today. I think he is trying to adjust his nap schedules to one a day. But I have been putting him to bed an hour to half an hour earlier because he’s tired without his second nap. Ugh – toddlers are hard. lol

Lunch was super simple: carrots, celery, hummus, Kashi crackers and mozzarella slices.


Simple is good!

5 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Naomi gave up her 2nd nap at around 10 months, it was so hard on me! haha! I am lucky though, most days she is good for at least a 2 1/2 – 3 hour nap at around 1pm everyday. NOT looking forward to the day the one and only nap is dropped!

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