A nice break

Hi everyone!
I am not completely back – we have a spare, VERY OLD, lap top that we busted out to check our bank accounts and email but I cannot upload any pictures and it has no files of mine. But I wanted to say hi to the blogsphere! I should be up and running again this weekend. I must admit though – it has been a much needed break! I really get sucked in to the internet and can spend hours at a time on it. I have been reading and catching up on chores that I have put off.
Anyway, I will chat later!

3 thoughts on “A nice break

  1. Hi Tasha, You probably needed that break… one year right before xmas I "accidentally" sliced off the tip of my finger making a salad, and I couldn't type for days after, so was "forced" to chill out and watch movies and relax over holidays. Then the following year, also right before xmas, I tripped on my laptop cord and it went crashing to the ground. I was devastated. Out being fixed for over a week. Once again, w/ no laptop, I had time to relax over xmas on the couch. SO… I'm going to be really careful this year!!! 🙂 sweet blog you have! Sarma

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