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Going Green!

I am usually not a band wagon jumper but I have given in to the increasingly ever so popular: Green Monster!

Wait, what?

Yes, a Green Monster. But this monster wont scare you in the middle of the night or hide in your closet. This monster is actually GOOD FOR YOU. Loaded with fruits, vegetables, protein and flavor, it is the best way to start any day.
There isn’t a right or wrong way to make a Green Monster. In fact, most of my green monsters are brown! My recipes are very simple, filling and tasty!
I start with the basic ingredients: almond milk and Amazing Meal powder. From there the options are endless! My favorite add in’s are frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, peaches and oranges. But whatever ripe fruit is on hand will do! For example, this morning I was running low on fruit as we just arrived back home from a mini vacation so I need to go shopping! I had frozen strawberries, a red plum, a peach and a pear. Very sweet but very good! I also have to have my drinks very cold and frothy so I add a few ice cubes at the very end.
Spinach is also a wonderful add in and “should be” an everyday item. For those that are timid and are thinking “No Way!” believe me, YOU CANNOT TASTE IT! Packed with iron, calcium and essential vitamins, spinach should be eaten on a daily basis. But remember when I mention Amazing Meal? This stuff is really amazing! 100% whole nutrition, no additives, 100% raw and organic, it is the cat’s meow and then some. When I don’t have spinach on hand I feel OK since I add my Amazing Meal. Again all you timid drinkers with the yummy fruit added to the drink there is no bitter taste or horrible after taste – ZERO! And my husband can attest to that!

Since I have started drinking these bad boys for breakfast I have noticed significant differences with my body and health. Not only do I have more sustained energy through out my day, I feel amazing. I am finally regular (yes I am talking about that!). All my life I have had trouble in that area and I know that it has everything to do with what I put into my body. I don’t drink these on a daily basis but I do 5-6 times a week.

So let’s talk about blending, shall we? The only tool you need to make your own drink is a blender. That’s it! However you can juice the same thing and it will still be amazing and delish! We juice quite a bit too and we just love it! Now I must be an attention whore for a minute and brag about my Vita Mix blender. This is the ULTIMATE smoothie machine. I add everything in, press the on button and it makes my Green Monster in a matter of seconds. My Vita Mix advance is a little extreme for your daily smoothie making but Marc works in the restaurant supply business and has access to all kinds of kitchen goodies! Yes, I am a lucky girl! 🙂

I hope this has educated you about the Green Monster craze that is hitting everyone’s kitchen and blog. Please look at my recipes and older posts for ideas or feel free to contact me!

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