Pain free!

This is why I love autumn:


As soon as we turn into our neighborhood, we are greeted with red and orange trees, rustling in the wind. Beautiful! Marc and I just stopped and admired nature’s beauty. It’s the simple things…

Baby J had his one year check up today. Of course, he was off the charts AMAZING! Healthy as can be, growing just like he should be and the doctor was very impressed. 🙂 We are so proud of him!

We were going to go visit Marc’s grandparents for a few minutes, so we stopped off at a German delicatessen to purchase a bag of chocolate cookies. Marc came out to the car and surprised me with a bar of dark chocolate! :love:


Soooo good! It isn’t as dark as I usually like but I can’t complain – I have already had 2 pieces of it!

And because it was so “fallish” today, lunch was a bowl of soup and a very ripe red pear.



Thankfully I am feeling a lot better today compared to yesterday. I even stopped our chiropractor and had my lower back popped – talk about instantly feeling great! Due to a fall a few years back, I have bad lower back problems. Huge knots and extremely achy. It’s the dull pain that you really don’t notice until you start to pay attention. I had been complaining the past few weeks but just never found the time to go in. Never will I wait this long to go – it popped so loud and quite a bit. An instant release!

Do you go to a chiropractor? I know there are many people who believe in them or don’t.

3 thoughts on “Pain free!

  1. I went to a chiropractor on a pretty regular basis growing up thanks to tons of sports injuries! I have had nothing but positive experiences! I keep thinking I should find one here in Phoenix, but I love my one in my hometown too much!

  2. This is why I love autumn too!we have liquid ambers all around and they are getting yellow…LOVE IT!glad you got your back "popped" HAit's like that too isn't it… a good CRACK and AHHHH yeah for a great check up ! Doesn't that make you feel so good!xo

  3. Beautiful pic! My husband is going to a chiropractor now for a neck/shoulder/back pain that flares up once in awhile. He had a ceiling fall on him during a fire a few years ago (he's a firefighter). He started this week and has noticed improvement 🙂 My mom also swears by her chiropractor! She has horrible back issues, and has improved so much, she doesn't go as much (just for occasional check-ups).

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